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“Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.” Matthew 12:25

Unity is powerful! It is the quintessential element in all things that endure! It is so powerful that Jesus highlights it as something that is absolutely critical in order for a household (Mark 3:25), a kingdom, and a city to stand. Satan knows this, and it causes him to incessantly seek division among God’s family. Satan works to build offense, disagreements, and personal conflicts among brothers and sister because he is afraid of unity! Unity enables a home and Church to move, work, and achieve all that God has called her to achieve!

We must seek and develop a type of unity that runs deeper than mental agreement with one another. We must seek the unity that is heavenly and divine. Here are three heavenly pictures of unity that far transcend natural unity. The Triune-Godhead of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit where three are one! The marriage between a man and a woman where two are one! The Body of Christ where many members are one body.

All three examples are heavenly and divine in nature! Unity is in the very heavenly pattern of divine things! Let’s pray and live toward the divine pattern of heavenly unity. Unity that is birthed, facilitated, and stabilized by the very Spirit of God! We are called to do it!! God’s full potential is going to flow through us as we grow together and ever increasingly mature into the fullness of Jesus Christ!

Steve Hannett is the founding Pastor of Abundant Grace Christian Church and Jesus Reigns International located in NJ. He carries a powerful apostolic, teaching, and healing anointing with signs, wonders, and miracles. He serves as local faculty with the Antioch School of Leadership, and is an apostolic leader with Christ Covenant Coalition.


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