Hector and Joni were newly married and house hunting. They turned the corner and their eyes widened as they saw their dream house. It had the wrap-around-porch, the fireplace, and the three-car garage they always wanted. It was in the right neighborhood, and they absolutely fell in love with the backyard gardens. It was perfect except for one thing: it cost a lot more money than they planned for. They talked together and decided they would work extra hours, go for the big promotion, and cash-in some of their stocks. They just had to have it! Before long, they were the proud owners of their dream house. To Hector, Joni, and many others, their sacrifice was well worth it because they got so much in return for their sacrifice.

This story illustrates a very reasonable and well-accepted principle: we don’t mind sacrificing when we get a lot in return. It’s for this reason the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so amazing because God did the exact opposite! He looked at the reality of the fallen sin-state of humanity, and though He could see nothing beautiful about our condition, He sacrificed His Son, Jesus Christ for us.

If we were a house, we’d be falling apart, the roof would be caved in, the porch would be collapsed, the windows broken, the basement flooded, and the kitchen burnt up. In short, it would be a house condemned beyond repair. Yet the Bible teaches the Father of Heaven and Earth was willing to do more than pay money. He was willing to sacrifice His only begotten Son so He may purchase (redeem) us out of darkness, and adopt us as His children! Think of it, the Bible says it pleased the Father to crush His Son with a brutal death so He could have us! (See Isaiah 53:10) It just doesn’t seem to add up. Why would God accept such a great cost for our adoption? Why would He give everything for unrighteous sinners? It certainly wasn’t because of what we were, but because of what we would become in Christ through His resurrection from the dead.

Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection from the dead wasn’t merely a demonstration of God’s power and authority. It was the real reason God sent Jesus. It was to make the way for our sins to be forgiven, and it is the way God would make us brand new creations created according to His glory. Christ’s resurrection wasn’t a remodeling job on humanity. It was a heavenly and glorious reconstruction project!

This Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday remember that God invested too much in you to remain the same. Put all your faith, trust, and hope in the work of Jesus Christ upon the cross, and receive God’s promise to forgive all your sin, and make you a new creation in Christ. Whether you’re beginning a new relationship with Jesus Christ or growing in His amazing love, consider that if God was willing to sacrifice His own Son, He is willing to give us all things.

“He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up

for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?”

Romans 8:32 17:6, NKJV

Steve Hannett is the founding Pastor of Abundant Grace Christian Church and Jesus Reigns International located in NJ. He carries a powerful apostolic, teaching, and healing anointing with signs, wonders, and miracles. He serves as local faculty with the Antioch School of Leadership, and is an apostolic leader with Christ Covenant Coalition.


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