“And the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom,”

Mark 15:38

The Lord is ready for you.

He is ready to receive all who desire to come to Him. The veil of the temple has been torn open and God is ready to receive all who desire to come into His presence.

The sin of Adam and Eve caused them to hide from the presence of God, but the obedience of Jesus Christ causes us to run into His presence. There isn't anything left for the Lord to do that will enable you to enter His presence. The work has been accomplished! He is expectantly waiting for you to come! He is expectantly looking for you to walk into His arms. He is expectantly waiting for you trust Him and the work of His Son, Jesus Christ!

Trust the work of Christ. You can go deeper with God. You can hear from Him. You can be led by God's Spirit. You can be healed by the power and peace found in His presence!

Yes, the Lord is ready to receive you and pour His blessings upon you! Turn away from sin and turn to God. Isn't it time we let go of everything and cling to the God who suffered for us, died for us, and came back to life for us? Let go of everything that isn't of Christ, and you will gain all that is of Christ! Gain His life, His mercy, His power, His faith, and His healing. Confess your sin to Him and experience the weight on your shoulders disappear! The Lord is ready for you! Let faith move your heart and lips in prayer.

He can't wait to receive you!!!

Steve Hannett is the founding Pastor of Abundant Grace Christian Church and Jesus Reigns International located in NJ. He carries a powerful apostolic, teaching, and healing anointing with signs, wonders, and miracles. He serves as local faculty with the Antioch School of Leadership, and is an apostolic leader with Christ Covenant Coalition.


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