Faith is everything.

It is the primary thing. It is so critical that God reveals it to be the one thing required from us in order to be saved from hell. True, everyone has faith in that they believe something...even if that faith is in science or that faith says there is no God or that faith believes there is no hell.

The key is faith in the right thing that God says will save our lives from the judgment of sin.

Society tends to promote all types of faith. While we must respect the free-will decision of personal choice, we must realize the foolishness in believing that all faiths are good. For example, when a person believes in the natural law of gravity, and this faith causes them not to jump off a building, this is a good faith because it is rooted in truth and will save their life. When another individual jumps off a building and dies because they did not believe in the law of gravity, this faith was bad because it was rooted in error and resulted in death.

Spiritual faith is the same! One is rooted in truth leading to life and others are rooted in lies leading to death. If your faith comes from a mixture of man-made religious tradition, cultural philosophy, and a whole lot of personal experience, this faith is filled with error and will lead to your death. You need to get the faith that saves!!

Good faith comes from God, the creator of all things. His grace has told us exactly to believe in His Word, His Truth, and His Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16).

All who desire to avoid hell and receive heaven must have their faith defined by the truth found in the Person and Work of Jesus Christ! You can find and develop this kind of faith by reading and receiving the Word of God found in the Bible! Get to reading it today and start walking in the Way that leads to life!

Steve Hannett is the founding Pastor of Abundant Grace Christian Church and Jesus Reigns International located in NJ. He carries a powerful apostolic, teaching, and healing anointing with signs, wonders, and miracles. He serves as local faculty with the Antioch School of Leadership, and is an apostolic leader with Christ Covenant Coalition.